Please order an autographed copy of ONCHIOTA REMEMBERED here below for $ 20.00. That price includes shipping. Then visit the “cart” and “checkout” pages to complete your purchase. Thank you very much.

You will also find the book on Amazon. I prefer the printing available through this website.

If you purchase ONCHIOTA REMEMBERED at Amazon you can get the Kindle edition for free. However, be advised that Amazon’s software did not fit the text to some pages properly.


When I began the work of writing my book I had no idea that I would accumulate so many images. The research required me to use my camera as a scanner and then edit my photos.

It would be my pleasure to send you high resolution digital images. Here’s the price list which take into account the fact that I will have to devote a bit of time to responding to your order.

Some of the images are owned by the New-York Historical Museum and Library, and some are the property of the American Journal of Nursing or The Adirondack Experience. Those images are not available for purchase. In a few cases the image I have is itself very small so that I cannot offer you a high resolution copy. I will add here that I was born at the end of WWII. Therefore, even though I am in fine health for my age, you may want to make your purchase sooner than later.

1 – 5 images sent through by email $10.00 Please go to CART to order.

1- 10 Images mailed to you on an SD card $25.00 Please go to CART to order. Additional images are $ 1.00 each.

The Onchiota Remembered images have all been edited. In a few cases I have included both black and white and sepia edits. Should you wish to purchase Onchiota Remembered images in their original state, that will be custom work which I will price for you once I know what you desire. For this service please send me a message at

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