A hearty hello and warm welcome to you,

This is the digital appendix which I have created for my book, Onchiota Remembered. Here you may view hundreds of images of Onchiota and its historic institutions. The vast majority of these pictures are digitized versions of photographs which I took of documents, articles and vintage photographs. In some cases I have included more than one version of certain images.

Given the effort which I have expended and the costs incurred both to produce the book and to maintain this website, I think it only fair that you purchase a copy of the book before or soon after viewing the images. I leave this matter to your honor. You can buy a copy of Onchiota Remembered by going to the SHOP page, then the CART page and then proceeding to CHECKOUT. Thank you.

Please submit your own material and your comments in the blog. I will gladly post your additions to Onchiota’s history. I know that I have missed a good deal of what I would have liked to print. I also suspect that, despite my best efforts, some of what I printed needs correction. Your input will be most welcome.

As an afterthought, I have added pages with my own photos of Osgood Pond, the Paul Smiths VIC and Wildflowers.

Again, welcome. I am very glad that you are here, and I am confident that you will enjoy at least some of the many images.

Phil Fitzpatrick